Transportation Services in Chattanooga, TN

Having a trusted transportation service allows your elderly
loved one to be attended to by a professional caregiver.

Getting out of the house and living life to the fullest is crucial towards keeping a sharp mind and avoiding social isolation.

Accessible transportation is critical in today’s world, especially for seniors and individuals with mobility limitations. At Amara Home Care, we pride ourselves on offering an array of home care services, including transportation.

Below are several benefits to hiring a professional caregiver to help your elderly loved one get from place to place. 

Fall Prevention

As people age, they often experience dizziness and other symptoms that can lead to falls. According to the CDC, 36 million older adults fall in the United States each year, resulting in 32,000 deaths. Many of these deaths can be attributed to seniors taking risks trying to travel from Point A to Point B unnecessarily or unsafely. Using a safe and monitored transportation method can significantly reduce these types of falling accidents.  With Amara Home Care, you can rest assured that your loved one will be in safe hands on their journey.

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Combat Social Isolation

Mental Health is one of the most talked-about topics today. As human beings, we are accustomed to a social atmosphere where we share information and interact with one another. Thus, social isolation is one of the most taxing mental health challenges for millions of seniors.  A reportfrom the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) points out that more than one-third of adults aged 45 and older feel lonely. Nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older are considered socially isolated. Whether it be seeing one’s grandchildren, the latest John Wick movie or dinner with old friends, social interaction in an outside environment is crucial to providing both mental stability and 

Get To Doctor’s Appointment, Grocery Store, Gym, Church, Etc.

There is no reason your elderly loved one needs to lose complete independence. Sure, picking up groceries might be more challenging than it used to be, but it doesn’t mean they have to give up going to the store. We provide transportation services to pretty throughout greater Chattanooga, making it easier for your elderly loved one to get to and from places at ease. We will transport your loved ones to the doctor, the gym, the pool, and even the archery range if they are so inclined. 

When Is Time To Give Up The Car Keys?

When looking at the aforementioned “what makes a person independent,” you would be hard-pressed to find anything more valuable than a functioning vehicle. If you want to go to the Tennessee Aquarium or Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, you must get around safely.  So the real question is, “when is it time for your elderly loved one to give up the car keys?”

According to a recent study from AAA, seniors are outliving their ability to drive safely by an average of 7 to 10 years. If your elderly loved shows signs the following signs, it might be time to for them to give up their car keys:  

  • Forgetting where they put the car keys
  • Forgetting the driving route
  • Missing appointments
  • Increased accidents
  • Increase traffic tickets
  • Vision impairment
  • Has trouble getting in and out of the car


Transportation is essential because it protects fundamentally crucial elements of the human experience such as community, mental health, and faith. The ability for seniors to see their grandchildren, run errands, go to church, and make doctor’s appointments is necessary to live a healthy life. Having a trusted transportation service allows your elderly loved one to be attended to by a professional caregiver.

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