Senior and Memory Care Posts and Articles

Depressed Senior

Anxiety in Elderly: Symptoms & Treatment

It’s natural to feel concerned for an elderly parent, especially as they become less independent and more reliant upon our care. Some signs of aging are easy to detect, such as memory loss, fragility, and the inability to perform activities of

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Getting older may become challenging for the mobility

Fall Prevention Technology For Seniors

Seniors are at risk of falling due to their lack of balance and low level of strength that runs concurrently with progressive aging. It’s essential to keep in mind seniors have a different balance system than younger people because they cannot

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Nurse Assisting Senior Woman

What Are Activities of Daily Living

According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of seniors is projected to outnumber their children for the first time in United States history by 2034. As our population ages, there is an increased need to help our beloved seniors with

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Senior woman with sunscreen lotion

Skincare and Sun Safety for Seniors

The temperatures are steadily rising, and the days are becoming increasingly longer.  This can only mean one thing– summer is upon us!  For some, that means more time spent indoors to beat the heat and fight fatigue. However, others love

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Senior woman checking her finances and investments

Making the Most of Your Fixed Income

Congratulations!!  After a lifetime of hard work, dedication, and discipline, you’ve officially reached retired status. Your days of working from 9-5, pulling overtime, covering holidays, and troubleshooting into the evening are a thing of the

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